Entire world is feeling the  impact of global economic slowdown and the  woodworking industry  is no exception. Here are a few tips on how to survive the recession and stay ahead in the competition by cutting down costs, effort and energy and how to convert crises into opportunity…

In last article we have explained how to make most of your investment in the machine: Spindle Moulder. In current article we will take the discussion further to see how the right composition of Spindle Molder with correct accessories/auxiliaries helps to get MAXIMUM from the machine and that it reduces the manual work.

In today’s scenario we see that small-scale woodworking industry is facing lot of challenges like profitability, productivity, Quality, time delays and tensions etc. It has become very difficult to survive in the high competitive market. I was recently told during a seminar in south India that the younger generation is not interested in taking forward the family business in woodworking and inclined in white collared job. The time has been ripe today to study the situation with lot of care to make this field attractive to reverse the situation.

To ease the problem we should know the present situation. The traditionally run business thought of modernisation with investment in imported machines and equipments. Various companies invested few lakhs to few crores Rs in the modernisation. But many of them at the end of few years found themselves in a very tight situation of rising overheads, accumulated losses, quality and productivity etc.

Copying jig with Micro adjustment

Spindle molder is the most versatile machine in a woodworking factory. This machine can shape and profile ant straight or curved objects depending on the jig used.

In many factories a copying bearing is used just bellow the cutting tool to profile the objects mounted on the jig as shown in the picture bellow.

Spindle-molderThe Jig has to be properly designed otherwise the operation on the molder becomes very risky and due to this reason in most of the factories this machine is used my very experienced operator. On the other side if the jig is properly designed then any person can use it without any risk.

The jig is made from Hard Plywood / MDF with Bakelite (Hard material for long life of the jig) backing. The main draw back of this type of system is that the jig has to absolutely accurate. In case any excess material is to be removed, then the jig has to be re-worked to adjust the quantity of the material to be removed.

Adjustable Curved Milling Stop


IMG_2904-3 IMG_2908--1Break shoe to provide smooth initial contact

In order to avoid the tedious manual operation for the adjustment AIGNER designed an Adjustable Curved Milling Stop to this job accurately and much faster. This can be mounted on standard Bow Mould Master shown in the bellow picture. This is a very good piece of engineering with precision. The steel used in this Adjustable Curved Milling Stop is hardened and stress released to guarantee the dimensional stability.

This safety and working unit enables fast and low risk milling of curved work pieces on spindle molder. This can be easily fitted on any Spindle Molder. This can be used for both clockwise and counter clockwise machining. It is provided with a break shoe that prevents the guide bearing from rotation and also to provide smooth initial contact with the guide Jig. This is very important to avoid the initial jerk (Kick) that is felt while the work piece comes in contact with the rotating tool at high speed. This makes the profiling operation very easy and safe. Any operator will feel comfortable on working on spindle molder for profiling work.

We can see the Adjustable Curved Milling Stop mounted on the spindle molder. This will guarantee the micro adjustments of the material to be removed in machining. Some factories use wooden system to do similar work. But this is not stable and one has to check the dimension from time to time as the wood may move from its desired position.

spindle-molder01The above picture shows how the Adjustable Curved Milling Stop is working on a spindle molder.

In the present time when competition is very much on rise and reduction in the production cost is the major source of profits that can only be achieved by boosting production speed and reducing non-productive time spent on the floor in setting up of the machines and tools.

One can think of mounting two or three profiled cutter blocks on the main spindle of the molder. By just adjusting the height of the cutter block one can change the profile of the work piece in no time. We will study more about it in the next article.

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