We have seen in the earlier article that the accurate fixing and setting of the hardware is very important in achieving smooth movement of the drawers / doors and all moving parts of the furniture.

After fixing all the hardware the furniture components are ready for assembly to form the furniture.

Assembly of the components / furniture

The assembly of furniture is done in various ways depending on the quantity of the furniture components to be assembled per day or per shift. This also depends up on the degree of automation needed.

Manual Assembly, Semi Automatic Assembly, Fully AutomaticAssembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture01Until recently cheap labour was considered as an advantage in comparison with the mechanization in the assembly of the furniture. But experience proves that it is wise for organized Industries to invest substantial amount in assembly mechanization and eliminate the manual work as much as possible.

The assembly work & procedure differs in many ways in solid wood furniture and panel furniture.

Assembly of Solid wood furnitureAssembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture02The joinery used in solid wood furniture is either tenone – mortise or dowel based. The quality of the assembly of the joinery depends upon the accuracy of the tenone – mortise & the dowel and the bore dimensions. The parts should be press-fit and should not be loose.

The assembly of the frame components (kitchen shutter, picture frame, door frame) is done using Band Clamp, Clamp carrier, stapler etc.Assembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture03The glue is applied on the edges of the miters and precaution is taken to see that the glue is applied few mm inside the outer edge. This will avoid the bleeding of the glue and the cleaning work that take lot of time and leaves a glue mark on the timber. In order to avoid the nail marks on the frame sides and the additional work of gap filling, sanding staples are used on the backside of the frame. This gives additional strength to the object. Alternatively dowels can be used for better strength in case of larger objects like kitchen shutters / large picture frames etc.

Woodpecker box clamps can also be used for assembly of boxes. They are designed for 90 degrees joints including pocket hole joints, lap joints, dado joints, T joints etc. Once the parts are glued then it can be clamped in few seconds & then one can easily fix pocket screws from inside the box. This guarantees a perfect square.

In the assembly of the Wardrobe / storage unit is done by using a set of long clamps and adhesive. Small quantity of adhesive is applied on the corners of the components and then dowels are inserted properly and the clamps are tightened to get correct assembly.Assembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture04Assembly squares are used to assure accurate right angles at the corners that in turn makes the furniture more stable and with good aesthetics. In case of higher production needs, the process is made more speedy by the use of pneumatic cylinders and jigs / fixtures. Use of these needs uniform production of a medium sized batch.

Assembly of Solid wood Chairs

The chair components are machined as per the drawing and the sizes. There are about 12 to 18 parts that needs to be assembled to form a chair. The joinery is done by accurate Tenone & Mortise with little amount of glue. Care should be taken so that no glue comes out while assembly; otherwise it needs cleaning operation, which can be avoided. Even after cleaning the glue leaves mark on the chair that is seen after painting.

Assembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture05 Assembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture06 Assembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture07 Assembly-of-Solid-wood-furniture08

Picture of clamps

Above are the two clamping machines that are used to assemble the backrest & front frame of the chair & complete chair. Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping machines are available. Filler parts are used to accommodate different shapes of the chair.


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