The after effects of Global recession are still felt in business environments & furniture industry is no exception. But this crisis has provided an opportunity to re think the strategies, ways of working and the methods. It also compelled us, to device new techniques to make the industry more efficient in production & innovative to offer better products to the market. The fierce competition has shrunk the margins, compelling the producer to reduce the costs. Unfortunately while reducing the costs the quality also went down. This aggravated the situation.

A smarter way of working is the best remedy for the situation.

We have seen in the earlier article that the accurate fixing and setting of the hardware is very important in achieving smooth movement of the drawers / doors and all moving parts of the furniture.

Assembly of the components / Furniture

The assembly of furniture is done in various ways depending on the quantity of the furniture components to be assembled per day or per shift. This also depends up on the degree of automation needed.

Assembly of Kitchen Shutters & Panel Doors :

Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture01The Solid wood ‘’Kitchen Shutter’’ consists of 5 Components that should be machined accurately on Moulder Machine. These components should be properly sanded with 120 and 180 grit Sand Paper to give smooth finish. The components should be sanded before you start the process of assembly as it becomes complicated to sand these after assembly. It becomes very difficult to sand in the corners and the door looks shabby in the corners if sanding is undertaken after final polishing.

Rubber balls or hard sponge (Small pieces) are inserted in the slot of the sidebars of the kitchen shutters. Two to three balls are inserted in each side of the shutter. This gives a support to the centre Panel and also prevents it from moving and making noise. This is necessary because the Centre Panel is never glued to side panels as it can move in course of time due to weather changes.

Pneumatic or Hydraulic Clamps are used to assemble the shutters. The vertical Components are glued on the ends and precaution is taken to see that the glue does not bleed outside and thereby leaving glue mark on the wood. This step is very important to achieve high quality finish of the product.Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture02In order to increase the production and reduce the clamping time, High Frequency Heaters are used which cure the glue very fast, just in few seconds. This machine clamps the wooden components of the doors together and also heats the glue line only, keeping the timber at room temperature, and dries the glue in few seconds to process the door for next operation.Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture03In case of assembly of large size panel doors, Carrier Clamps are used. The Wooden Components of the Centre Panel are edge glued and then processed in carrier clamps. ln order to reduce the clamping time, High frequency Heaters are used.

After machining all the components of the solid wood Panel Door, these are assembled in Door Assembly Clamp or High Frequency Clamps depending upon the production required and the space available on the floor.

Clamp Carrier with additional fixtures can also be used for this work. Precautions should be taken so that no glue comes out after the assembly of the door.

Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture04 Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture05To do accurate gluing, good glue applicator with correct nozzle is used. This precaution not only saves the glue but also gives a clean finished Product. Various types of nozzles for glue applicators are available for different uses. One can also develop his own nozzle to meet his requirement.

Assembling of Flush Doors – The Flush door consists of outer frame, inner Frame (in case of glass panel or grill or wooden grill), filler material (solid wood, Honeycomb paper. hollow board etc.) and Top-Bottom skin.

Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture06 Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture07Stapling wooden pieces with metal stapler or plastic Stapler assembles the outer frame. The plastic staples are little expensive, as they protect the cutting tools while processing.

In case of higher production with fully automatic production line, hot melt glue should be used with accurate glue control. This line is suggested in case of production of 1000 doors / shift.

After the assembly of the outer frame the core is laid in the frame and the top-bottom faces / skins are pressed in Hot press or continuous press as per the capacity required.

Assembly of Door Frames – The doorframes are assembled using dowels/special joinery/ or plastic fasteners depending upon the requirement. For smaller capacity portable drill or plastic fasteners are Ok.

Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture08 Assembly-of-the-components-Furniture09Two / Three dowels of 8-10 mm imparthigh strength to the door frame joints. Automatic door lines use dowels to reduce the wastage to the wood and boost assembly speed.