All woodworking machinery benefit from the use of specialised fixtures and jigs. Aigner has developed various simple to use and high-precision fixtures and accessories that can be mounted on woodworking machines.

Jigs and Fixtures for easy woodworking- Mounting Rail

Great Helpers to all Woodworking Manufacturers

Generally all Woodworking machinery are supplied with sonic standards accessories. Some accessories are available as optional, But, it is observed that almost all machines need sonic specialised Fixtures /Jigs to get a maximum advantage out of the machines. Every user of machines tries to do such modifications in a crude way, to suit his requirements. While they serves his purpose to some extent, these lack in precision in production. Aigner has studied the overall requirements and has developed very simple to use, accurate in results, convenient to handle fixtures and accessories with precise engineering. These accessories can be mounted on almost all the machines manufactured by any woodworking manufacturer.

Mounting rail

The Aigner mounting rail is suitable for all table sizes as it is available in 5 different lengths. It provides fast and safe mounting of safety and working. These can he mounted on spindle Moulder, Surface Planner, Router, Tennoner, Mortiser, Saws etc.

Table extension with optimal back-stroke protection when insertion milling.

The Aigner table extension is a must for insertion milling. It replaces one helper when tooling long workpieces. Additionally, it suports further units- for instance the CirQuick. It has-

A. Safe and split-second mounting to the mounting rail by clamping levers; the Aigner table extension can easily be shifted and detached.

B. It has a folding foot clicking into place automatically.

C. Needs little space when folded up.

D. solid table made for aluminium length 1100 mm.

E. The surface is hardened by anodic treatment.

F. The cross stop is infinitely adjustable, swivelling through 90’and easily detachable.

G. Infinite adjustment to machine height by floor-protecting plastic inset.