Smooth movement of the workpiece is critical during machining, in order to achieve a good finish during molding, cutting and sanding. To enable smooth movement, Aigner has deviced guide wheels and pressure shields

Pressure shield

Aigner have studied the operation of feeding of the work piece on every woodworking machine. It was observed that in order to achieve good finish on molding, cutting, sanding machine etc the smooth movement of the work piece is necessary while machining. Any stoppage or uneven movement of the work piece will result into had finish. To make this process very easy & fine, Aigner have devised Guide Wheels & Pressure shield.

Pressure shield is an indispensable element for milling works, in particular when cutting large surface areas of small work pieces. This guarantees uniform pressure on the work piece. This is very essential as it is very risky to process small work pieces, which tend to slip & result in accidents. This also assures a firm contact on the machine table surface, which is very essential for good reference.

Guide wheels
The Guide Wheels as shown in the picture II III IV guarantee for safe guidance, particularly of thin work pieces. The guide wheels are made from high quality Nylon wheels SE precision sealed bearings for life time lubrication. Large wheel diameter assures sufficient pressure on the work piece. Pictures show various types of Guide wheels to suit different requirements SE machines, The system of holes allows one to individually position the wheels and the connecting elements. One can choose the Guide wheel suitable for the application & machine. Photos illustrate the exact fixing of the Guide Wheels on various machines like Spindle Molder, Band Saw & Uelt Sander.
Various pictures show-

  1. Milling of a high work piece with guide wheels in staggered position. With this one can assure uniform pressure on the work piece before Sr after the cutter block. This assures No Vibration working while milling. The wheels are set to their maximum height
  2. Milling of a thin panel of large size with guide wheels. We can see that eight numbers of the wheels are used in order to assure a firm grip of the work piece with the guide of the Spindle Molder.
  3. Illustrates the insertion Milling of the front edge of a work piece with guide vvhcets and backstroke prevention. In this type of the work piece is pressed against the cutting tool with a side support. This is very essential to assure risk free working.
  4. Flattening of a small work piece with pressure shield. This is essential for smooth Sz risk free operation.
  5. Splitting a wooden Nock on the band saw with guide wheels_ This assures a smooth movement of the wooden block.
  6. Sanding – Smoothing a work piece on the edge Sanding machine with guide wheels. The uniform pressure while. sanding will assure calibration of the work piece.

Supporting plate- for fastening the Centrex on stable fence housing.

The supporting plate is necessary if the fence housing cover of the spindle milling machine cannot be opened into its vertical position when the Centrex is swung into its vertical position, or if the mounting seat of the fence housing is too small. If necessary, the supporting plate may be shortened. It has bores for mounting the Centrex with or is without spacer block. On the lower surface, the bores are countersunk to provide a concealed seat for the head of the socket head cap screws.
Pictures show supporting plate shortened by one bore row and screwed to the fence housing and supporting plate with Centrex and spacer block fastened on the fence housing.