2017 marks the 111th  year  in  business for German  sliding table saw manufacturer Altendorf.

The sliding table saw came into the world in 1906 ,when  craftsman Wilhelm Altendorf developed the first Altendorf in  Berlin, Germany.  The ability to cut straight and make  90 degree cuts is a principal  of the sliding table saw that  endures to  this day.

This first innovation has been followed by many more innovative developments over 111 years.
111 years of progress – Selected  developments

1934  – Roller-mounted sliding table
1968 – Scorer unit
1975 – Tilting saw unit
1989 – Motorised rip fence adjustment
1995 – Infinitely variable saw unit drive
1999 – Panel sizing program
2008 – Vacuum clamping system in the sliding table
2015 – F 45 modular system
2017- MAGIS – The digital saw guide

1956 was the  year  it  was decided that  the company  should  concentrate solely on  manufacturing sliding  table saws and become the world  leader  in  these machines.

Altendorf  has  over 1,50,000  satisfied  customers  worldwide.  The name ‘Altendorf’ is synonymous with  the  sliding table saw in  more than 130 countries. Today, Mr. Tom Altendorf  (representing  the fourth generation of the
family) shares operational  responsibility  with  Mr. Joerg Mayer (MD- sales) and Mr. Wolfgang Ruhnau (MD-business administration).

Altendorf  will  continue  to  innovate with  passion  and  provide customers with  a  machine they need for optimal  productivity,  accuracy  and ease of use.

There is an  Altendorf  for everyone!