Four installations realized with the surfaces of the collection that recall the works of famous artists  

Lissone, May 16, 2017 – At the Interzum trade fair in Cologne, Cleaf presents its collection of interior design surfaces with an installation by Bestetti Associati, reinterpreting “The Four Elements”, the exhibition concept designed by Studiopepe for CCube, the company’s corporate showroom in Lissone.

The stand architecture, simple and essential, hosts and enhances four installations along its perimeter – Water, Air, Earth and Fire – made using surfaces from the Cleaf collection that recall the works of famous artists.

Earth, firmly rooted to the ground, recalls the structures of Alex Dorici and his work on modular installations; Fire brings to mind the asymmetrical geometric offset of Gerrit Rietveld’s architecture and furniture. Water and Air are suspended: the first to pay tribute to the lightweight steel sculptures by Fausto Melotti, the second inspired by the series of photos on the relationship between Man and Nature by photographer Luke Kirwan in collaboration with designer Lyndsay Milne McLeod.

In the center of the booth, melamine faced panels mounted on wall grids in an arrangement based on the dominant chromatics of the four elements create abstract compositions. Warm colours for fire, neutral for air, cold for water and intense for earth.

“Our passion for experimentation and manufacturing flexibility allows us to transfer intense tactile and visual sensations to our surfaces” – says Alessandro Carrara, General Manager of Cleaf – “In the Interzum stand, as in the CCube, we show four different scenarios to highlight possible combinations to complement the furniture design and interior spaces”.

“Today we tend to mix a variety of disciplines: Architecture, Art, Design and Fashion” – says Kicco Bestetti of Bestetti Associati – “We therefore thought that building installations that recall the works of well-known artists could represent an interesting and innovative approach to expressing the potential of Cleaf’s surfaces”.

Cleaf is an Italian company producing innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries.
Melamine faced panels, laminates and edges exclusively manufactured at production sites in Brianza and installed worldwide by architects and companies to build inspirational spaces for living and working.