The one thing that value adds the Furniture – Avoid nails on surface

It is seen that most of the joinery factories use high quality timber and veneers to produce top quality furniture, Doors etc. Within few days of finishing one can see the nail marks at various places on the furniture. The nail marks reduce the quality and finish of the furniture drastically. In turn this reduces the value addition also drastically.

The nail marks are seen because of the higher co-efficient of expansion of metal nails used in the furniture assembly. The nails expand due to high ambient temp during daytime and contract in the nighttime due to low temperature. If we study minutely the high-end furniture it is seen that the use of nails is avoided on the exposed surface of the furniture.

In the above pictures nails are used to perform joinery or to hold the component pieces together. The nails are of no use once the adhesive is cured. The nails are then pressed bellow the surface and then wood filler is used to fill the holes. The wood filler gets settled down after few hours, so second third coat of filler is applied to get level of the surface. Some factories boast of using head less nails but still we can seed the marks. All this unnecessary work can be avoided if we eliminate / reduce the use of nails in the joinery.

HF welder / clamps can be employed to eliminate the use of nails. Jigs and fixtures are made to suite the furniture products. Universal clamping can be designed to meet many requirements.

A piece of furniture without nail marks looks fantastic and value adds the product without costing or investing any thing more..