At this year’s Ligna fair imos presented its new software version 12.0 according to the motto “inspire and produce“– which is as of now available in 75 countries worldwide. So far only new customers could buy the software in German language. Now however current imos users can toggle to the new version, which is of course compatible to Windows 10 and AutoCAD 16.

From consulting to implementation all the way to training and after-sales-services – imos offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to our customers’ needs. For optimal implementation imos offers different types of trainings. Customers that prefer personal preparation can take part at one of our ‘imos on Tour’ events. During these day-long events new imos features are introduced and taught. Starting mid-November ‘imos on Tour’ will go international. In addition, our Online Academy offers regular and effective online training sessions that our users can register to.

New at imos NET CAM technology




Interested users can also inform themselves before hand through our ‘Ready to Use’ series on Facebook. Here new features are periodically introduced in short video sequences.

With its new software version 12.0 imos opens up pathways to new business models while simultaneously enabling the implementation of marketable “industry 4.0” solutions. Furniture is highly emotional. Design, colour, material – furniture represents parts of ourselves. Todaysend customerdoes not only want to have individually tailored products bought and experienced at the stationary retailer but expects this inspiration on the internet, with tools that allow a technical connection between online offers and the simulated experience in the comfort of your own home. Software can also be inspiriting, explains the software maker from Herford: ”With Software virtual things can look real – pictures and rooms can create emotions. Especially, if you can experience your products on your own smartphone or tablet, if you can create a simulation in your own home and if a software solution digitalises the creativity of the end customer”, explains Winfried Dell board member of imos. Using augmented reality technology imos NET and imos 360 mark the beginning of a new sales experience. The new version 12.0, presented at Ligna, shows additional instruments to integrate the end customer to the selling and order process: the end customer becomes a designer, while tablets and smartphones become the point of sale. Many of these tools are developed on HTML 5-Basis and can therefore be used on Apple, Windows or Android tablets. imos supports new business models and contributes with its system solutions to a marketable implementation of “industry 4.0”. The vision of imos, optimising the whole process from the end customer to the machine is coming to shape. imos strives for continuous improvement and convinces through its innovations and novelties in the individual product groups CAD, CAM, NET and 360.

CAD planning imosThe end customer becomes a designer

By providing internet presentation and planning tools, version 12.0 enables to enthuse and inspire end customers. Many of these tools are developed on HTML 5-Basis and therefore can be used on Apple, Windows or Android tablets. Special focus lies on the augmented reality technology which has been extended, refined and directly integrated in the sales and design application.

Now, configured furniture can not only be projected in virtual rooms, but can alternatively be set in digital photos, whiletaking focal distances and zoom factors into special consideration. The online product configuration tool has been extended by an interactive 3D window which immediately visualizes the modifications of the characteristics of a piece of furniture and therefore ensures that no errors can be made during the order process. The easy to use 3D room planner integrated in the website helps the customer realize his ideas. With these tools for visualizing products, sales talkshave been further simplified and emotionalized: The end customer becomes the designer.

Convenient sales planning

Furthermore, the new versionprovides many additional innovations for the imos CAD user. The user interface has been thoroughly reworked on in many parts and is presented in a significantly modernized appearance with a more efficient layout. Especially, the imos organizer, the module for processing and administering orders has been completely redesigned and optimized for fast acquisition, modification and output of quotation and order documents. Even after completing the planning, articles, conditions and prices can still be adjusted in the shopping basket. Further numerous functional extensions accelerate the operation of imos CAD in the sales process such as the intelligent insert and move functions to create and modify the planning situation quickly. Now complete kitchen units can be easily adjusted to modified room dimensions while individual elements can be inserted, modified or deleted without having to manually modify the positions of the adjacent elements in the room. Its drawing outputs are also edited in an attractive and representative layout for sales support. Special functions for these tasks are available in imos 12.0 so that high quality photorealistic or coloured pictures can be directly created with the imos application and integrated in the drawing documents.

Object business in focus    

Users with floor filling interior design tasks profit from the version 12.0 as well. Several constructive orders can be grouped and combined to one single business order and vice versa, bigger plans can be divided in to different business orders. Creating and administrating corresponding drawing and order documents plus the quantity determination are supported by special functions.

5-axis programming becomes easier and faster

imos supplies the module CAM MAX for the 5-axis CNC technology. In version 12.0 this module has been reworked on and developed further. Instead of tediously having to select single panel elements of the part geometry, the user can now easily transfer contours, drillings or pockets directly to 5-axis operations via a scan function as used to from the connection of the 3-axis technology.

Optimization through integration

With the version 12.0 imos gradually achieves its objective to optimize the complete process from the end customer to the machine. Product logic and parametrical 3D data created with imos CAD can be applied in the internet configurator and the room planning as well as in the production documents and CNC programs. At the same time the new sale-oriented functions and further developed internet tools for marketing and end customers (NET and 360) connect the established design- and production solutions (CAD and CAM), that can also be linked to ERP-, MES- or industry solutions via defined interfaces. The scalability of the solutions and data enable to provide the same data basis and the same software tool for the different user group in the process.