Progetto Fuoco is the biggest trade fair on the planet for the world of wood-fired heating and it is with this in mind that there will be an even greater push for international expansion at the tenth event, which will take place at Verona Exhibition Centre from 24 to 28 February 2016. This was emphasized by Raul Barbieri, the CEO of the event organizer Piemmeti: “Since the end of the last edition in 2014, we have been pushing hard to promote Progetto Fuoco abroad by taking part in trade fairs and working alongside the Italian Chambers of Commerce in other countries to organize foreign delegations for the next event in February 2016, including representatives from new and emerging markets.”


The increasingly international outlook has boosted the number of exhibitors, so the exhibition space for Progetto Fuoco 2016 will be larger than ever before: it will be spread across seven halls and the outdoor areas of Verona Exhibition Centre, thus underlining its status as a more and more unmissable event for members of the trade. The smoke extraction system will also be extended. At the last event, no fewer than 250 lit and working fireplaces and stoves were hooked up to it!


Over the five days of the event in Verona, the world’s top manufacturers will present a comprehensive range of equipment, systems and products, including: wood- and pellet-burning stoves and fireplaces, wood-burning ranges, range-based heating, pellets, cleaning products, multi-fuel boilers, storage silos, wood cutting machines and stove setting accessories.

Progetto Fuoco’s constant growth over the years was highlighted by the numbers from the last event: there were 635 exhibitors (including 248 from outside Italy), 75,000 visitors (including 9,000 from other countries) and 85,000 m² of exhibition space.


Exhibitors at the next international exhibition of wood-fired heating and energy systems and equipment can rest assured that they will be at the very hub of the industry, so they will be able to meet players from all over the world and enjoy a level of visibility which is unlikely to be matched elsewhere. They will also meet the planning and design organizations behind the new technologies used in equipment of all kinds, from household appliances to huge systems.


The five-day programme of conventions, workshops and technical sessions has been put together by Piemmeti SpA and its technical sponsor AIEL (the Italian Agroforestry Energy Association), in partnership with the University of Padua, other universities and the leading trade associations.


The event is divided into three areas in order to present the spheres of use and the benefits of heating with wood biofuels as clearly as possible: PF Technologies (large biomass systems), Italia Legno Energia (firewood from Italian forests) and PF International Pellet Market.


By promoting the use of firewood, Progetto Fuoco raises awareness of a number of advantages with which some end consumers are still not entirely familiar: savings and cutting consumption, access to renewable heat incentives, greater safety and sustainability because the pollution levels are lower than those from fossil fuels, and protection of the constantly growing Italian forests.